Who's Tearnu?

Hi, my name is Tearnu Graham, and I am a bassist from Melbourne, Australia. Originally growing up in a small country town near Colac, I started playing music from a young age (piano, trombone and guitar) and have been  playing bass for the last  9 years.

I am focused on providing dynamic live performances and recording services, with the highest levels of professionalism and expertise – I pride myself on my skill level and my ability to work with other musicians to ensure that their creative vision is realised.

Given my strong musical foundation established at Ballarat University, where I completed my Advanced Diploma  of Music (Jazz) 2012,  following on to graduate my Bachelor of Popular Music and Performance at JMC Academy 2014, I am comfortable handling my instrument of choice with ease and understanding. I pride myself on my ability to move between genres and enjoy the opportunity to play with many bands whose repertoire ranges from Rock to Pop, Punk, Soul, Funk, Jazz,  Metal, Blues, Grunge, Reggae and big band. I’m also lucky enough to collaborate as a bass player and  have co-writer for many original music projects.


Bands Tearnu has been involved with:

 The Stylemasters - (Jazz, Soul, Blues, Big band)

 Colac City Band  

 The Recruiters - (Rock covers)

 Radio Silencio – (Alternative covers)

 Ballarat University –  (Jazz covers)

 JMC Academy Melbourne

 Cursing Tomorrow – (Grunge, Rock, Pop Punk)

 Eleven Dollar Bills -  (Alternative Blues Rock)

 Mama Pajama – (Funk, Soul, Blues, Rock)
 The Velvet Lips -  (90s influenced Alternative Rock)
 Mihra (Alternative Soul)
A Collective Soul ( RnB covers)
Altiyan Childs & The New Rebellion (Rock , Pop)

Please take the time to browse my website and if you have any comments or questions,  feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you! 

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