Quotes An amazingly SOLID player who delivers results FAST. A beautiful attitude mixed with the passion and drive to make that groove COUNT. Oh and shes a versatile player too :) Quotes
Adrian Narayan

Quotes Versatile, great sounding, fantastic to work with :) Quotes

Quotes I attended JMC with Tearnu for a year and a half and the entire time I was there I was astounded by her abilities, work ethic and commitment. She is definitely one of the best bassists I've come across and I couldn't recommend her more than I am now. Quotes

Quotes Tearnu has impressed me with her bass playing for years. She taught me bass for a few years and is a great bass teacher and bass player. She has a real passion for what she does and I can see her playing bass for big name stars in the near future. She has a promising career in the works and I cannot wait to see how far it takes her. Quotes
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